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In short, my seminars, keynotes and workshops are centered around longevity, wellness, living your best life and doing what you’re passionate about in life.

I bring the best of my knowledge and experience, as well as my contagious enthusiasm, to every event. Every speaking opportunity lights me up with passion and possibility.

All of my talks include my unique fusion of science, spirit and experience and can blend everything from academic research, business statistics and psychology, to real life case studies and ancient wisdom teachings. People leave with both their intellect and their emotions stretched, and with fresh ideas, new perspectives and real actions.


Speaking Topics

  • The challenges of aging, myths about retirement and living your best life post retirement
  • The World’s Blue Zones, The healthiest cultures on Earth
  • The lifestyles and longevity lessons of the people of Ikaria, the Greek Blue Zone
  • How to integrate the principles and philosophy of longevity and the Blue Zones into our daily lives

Other Speaking Topics

  • Finding Your True Self
  • Energy Management
  • Getting Out of your Comfort Zone and Being Open To That Which is New
  • Find your Ikigai, Your Reason for Waking Up in the Morning
  • Transfer of Wisdom to the Younger Generation: Transmitting Stories Through Oral Traditions
  • Being in Flow
  • The Ups and Downs of Travel
  • Wildcrafting and Wild Plant Foraging
  • Self-Massage Techniques

Fast Facts About Yang

  • Yang Xu is a Speaker, Coach and Retreat Leader
  • He is the Founder of World Class Health Tours, Australia’s #1 provider of Transformational Wellness Experiences.
  • He has travelled to 35 countries, lived in 7 countries
  • Previous co-owner of Australia’s leading digital marketing agency ‘Shout Agency’
  • Successfully had a range of careers and businesses as a actuarial consultant, tuition business, copywriter, digital marketing agency, and divemaster.
  • Yang earned a Bachelor of Honours in Actuarial Studies from the University of Melbourne


“Yang spoke at the Glen Eira U3A Perspectives program on the topic of “Learn The Secrets of Longevity from the Greek Fountain of Youth”. His presentation was very impressive and he touched on a range of areas to which our members could relate to. He also referred to “The Blue Zones” in which inhabitants enjoy a health life style with many locals living well past their 100th birthday. He focuses on these areas with considerable knowledge, and his presentation actively involves the audience, adding to the presentation. We can recommend him as a very interesting and informative speaker.”
Garry Fabian, Glen Eira U3A

“Enthusiasm of Yang for his subject, his passion is infectious! Gorgeous smile, and intense interest in audience. Would just love to attend another one of his seminars! Thank you Yang”
Monique Nugent

“Very motivating speaker”
Kathy Sage

“Great presenter. Easy to listen to and absorb. Excellent speaking manner. Listens to the audience well”
Jocelyn Gordon

“Very pleasant, interesting and engaging speaker”
M. F.